Energy is a balancing act

The Future of the Energy System

Sympower connects energy assets to the electricity system, providing an alternative source of revenue for the appliance owners. Additionally, resolving the imbalances from the consumption, or demand side, provides a more sustainable alternative to balancing services currently provided by polluting fossil fuel plants. Sympower is bringing the future of the energy system to the present.

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Added value from existing systems

Business Opportunities

You can now contribute to balancing the electricity grid sustainably through our automated software system. Turn electricity consuming appliances into value generating energy assets and support the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system.

Cooling Systems

Add to your bottom line through your existing cooling system

Cooling systems can account for a large percentage of an electricity bill. With Sympower, you can reduce your electricity expenses, without affecting your business operations. Contribute to a more efficient energy system by connecting your cooling system and generate extra revenue doing so.

Heating Systems

Add to your bottom line through your existing heating system

Large heating devices, ovens, boilers and other heat-generating systems can provide flexibility to the energy system. Temporarily reducing energy consumption while heating doesn't affect production. Joining the platform will continuously generate additional revenue, while business remains as usual.

Ventilation systems

Add to your bottom line through your existing ventilation system

Certain types of ventilation systems are exceptionally suited to participation in balancing of the energy grid. By temporarily turning down the ventilation power, you can boost your bottom line without noticing any interference to your business operations.

lighting systems

Add to your bottom line through your existing lighting system

Lighting systems, especially those that generate heat, are an excellent asset that can produce extra revenue for your business. Shut downs are short enough that, for example, growing cycles aren’t affected.

Water Management Systems

Add to your bottom line through your existing water management system

Moving bodies of water can be used as an energy reserve, both to restore energy or consume it, depending on the grid needs. Water treatment plants, water cooling systems and waste water systems can be connected to facilitate the energy transition.

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