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Sympower unlocks revenue streams by maximizing the value of flexibility across energy markets and industries.

We focus on the most challenging issue in the electricity system: real-time balancing of supply and demand.

Our goal is to use flexibility to power a successful energy transition. We provide advanced flexibility software solutions that enhance the value of energy assets, shaping an intelligent and green power system. We proudly support cleantech and empower other industries to actively contribute to a carbon-free future.

Sustainable energy

Unsere Softwareplattform schafft Flexibilität beim Stromverbrauch Ihrer Maschinen und Prozesse und nutzt diese Flexibilität, um das Stromnetz auszugleichen und zusätzliche Einnahmen für Sie zu generieren.

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By offering services independently from a particular energy company, we can work with any industry, grid operator or utility. We support fast and unrestricted scaling across commercial and industrial partners, from greenhouses to supermarkets and paper factories to waste treatment facilities.

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