What we do

Demand Response Aggregator

Sympower is a demand response aggregator that enables smarter energy use for a carbon-free future. We aim to provide a sustainable solution to fluctuations in energy supply and demand, by aggregating energy consuming systems and appliances onto our cloud-based platform. During moments of stress on the grid, we can temporarily switch on or off your devices locally, without impairing the functionality of the appliances. Speak with us about how your appliances can participate in demand response.

our goals

Smarter Energy Use for a Carbon-free Future


We wish to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy system by reducing the need for fossil fuels through synchronising energy consumption with renewable resources. We believe every level of the energy system has a role in the energy transition and our mission is to facilitate the participation of energy assets across the globe.

moving atoms to represent the transition to a cleaner energy system


Our vision is a smart and clean energy system achieved by activating demand-side management, bringing us to a low-carbon future. By allowing businesses and individuals to participate in this process, we see the opportunity to speed up the energy transition and complete the shift to a a carbon-free future.

connecting your appliances through our API

Our Role

Sympower is born global, with teams active in four countries. By working effectively as an international team, we are able to create more value wherever opportunities arise. Our role is to spread awareness and create value for appliance owners by offering a paid connection to sustainable grid balancing services.

icon showing benefits from demand response