Smarter Energy Use



Sympower believes that enabling every device to play an active part in the electricity system is essential for the  transition to a sustainable energy system. Sympower was founded to develop more efficient automated balancing services to offer to electricity Transmission System Operators and regional grid operators, or Distribution System Operators sustainable alternatives to frequency reserves and congestion management. By managing the local consumption and production of a wide scala of energy loads on the demand-side, Sympower limits the need for extra generation of power from fossil fuel plants, avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions and can also minimise congestion on power lines, reducing the need for additional infrastructure to cope with the increasing electrification of society.

our goals

Mission, vision and our role

Creating value for all sides of the energy market

Sympower is born global, with teams active in five countries. By working effectively as an international team, we are able to create more value wherever opportunities arise. Our role is to spread awareness and create value for appliance owners by offering a paid connection to sustainable grid balancing services.

Low-carbon Future

Our vision is a smart and clean energy system achieved by activating demand-side management, bringing us to a carbon-free future.

A Sustainable Grid

We wish to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy system by reducing the need for fossil fuels through synchronising energy consumption with renewable resources. We believe every level of the energy system has a role in the energy transition and our mission is to facilitate the participation of energy assets across the globe.

How it works

Demand Response Aggregator

The electricity Transmission System Operators (TSOs) require balancing power reserve to be able to maintain a continuous balance between supply and demand. Currently these reserves are provided by polluting fossil fuel plants. Thanks to Sympower’s platform, distributed energy assets can also participate, providing a more sustainable alternative and providing an alternative source of revenue for the assets owners.
Sympower built a platform connecting energy assets to electricity markets. During fluctuations in supply and demand or stress on the grid, Sympower can control real-time distributed energy assets to restore the balance on the electricity system by temporarily reducing or increasing their consumption or production.