Empowering and educating traditional industries to become more sustainable

We offer services independently from a particular energy company, meaning that we can work with any industry, grid operator or utility. This allows us to support fast and unrestricted scaling across sectors and countries.

Paper and wood

Drying units use approximately 86% of the total electricity used by a sawmill. These components can be easily switched on and off without any production losses or additional installation costs.

Case study - Sawmills

Waste and water

Aerobic wastewater treatment is a process where bacteria utilize oxygen to degrade organic matter. Air is fed by compressors, which can be switched off to provide balancing services to the grid operator.


Heat and light are crucial for growing plants. Often, combined heat and power plants supply these sources to greenhouses. By connecting these assets to our platform, we can create more value by using flexibility for balancing services.

Case study - Börje Ivars Greenhouse

Energy players

As part of the energy transition, new players are entering the energy market such as local district heating companies or collective solar parks. Small and mid-sized businesses can unlock extra value by using their assets to provide balancing services to grid operators. These new energy players directly contribute to grid stability by providing ancillary services.

Electric vehicles

The growing electric vehicle market is opening the opportunity for smart charging. The first step in achieving the new world of e-mobility is to optimize day ahead purchasing, so drivers buy electricity at the cheapest hours. They can then optimize the charging of their vehicles to reduce any imbalance compared to the day ahead purchases. Additional revenue streams could then follow, such as using connected fleets for balancing services.


Cold storage units are highly efficient pieces of equipment that can be set up to meet any product's temperature demands. However, if a small temperature range is possible then these units have the potential to provide balancing services.


Leisure facilities such as hotels,swimming pools and gyms feature different types of assets, such as heating,ventilation and air conditioning, plus combined heat and power plants. These can all create extra revenue through flexibility, without having any impact on guests or customers.

Heavy industry

Heavy industries play an important role in energy demand on a national level. Though, they can also make a vital contribution to stabilizing electricity grids. Their processes and energy production assets contain the necessary flexibility for grids at a low cost.

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