Moving towards a sustainable energy future

Sympower provides services that bring a clean energy future to the present.

The way we consume energy can make a difference

The world around us is changing. As new and renewable energy resources are introduced to the electricity grid, we are gradually making the shift away from relying on fossil fuels to supply our energy needs. However, to shift towards a more sustainable future we also need to use and control our energy in a smarter way.

A Sustainable Grid

In every country, the grid operators are responsible for ensuring that electricity supply and demand are constantly at balance. The grid operators ensure that the amount of power supplied to the grid matches the amount of power consumed. If this balance is disrupted, blackouts may occur affecting the entire electricity system.  

Balancing the grid is a daily challenge that grid operators solve by paying fossil fuel plants to adjust their energy generation. However, this is incredibly inefficient. By not running the power plants at full capacity, efficiency in production is lost, generating more emissions and costs than needed. This process can be avoided by transferring the balancing services away from the fossil fuel plants.

Demand Response

Demand Response is a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient method for balancing the grid, where demand is adjusted to meet the grid needs. All around us there are appliances that can help resolve grid imbalances in a sustainable manner: heating systems, water boilers, ventilation systems, energy storage devices, and more.

Sympower aggregates appliances in a pool via our cloud-based platform. The connected appliances are powered up or down when available, for short periods of time. Sympower unlocks additional value from existing systems and appliances, without affecting their functionality. Managing energy consumption through demand response reduces the need for fossil-fuel based balancing, accelerating the transition to a carbon-free future.

Carbon-free Future

A carbon-free electricity system is possible by combining renewable power supply with smart energy consumption. Sympower connects the Internet of Things with the electricity system, developing new technologies that can accelerate our transition towards a sustainable future. The consequences of not achieving such goals would be devastating for the environment, our health, and our safety. Contact us to find out how you can join us in contributing to the future of energy.

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