Grid Flexibility and Climate Adaptation

August 20, 2020

Our CEO Simon Bushell gives coverage of grid flexibility on the Climate Adaptation channel by Cimpatico Studios.

Cimpatico Studios produces live-stream talk shows about complex global challenges, featuring professionals from around the world who are working on these issues. All of Cimpatico Studios’ episodes are streamed directly to, an invite-only professional network designed to help professionals share knowledge and coordinate their efforts to improve outcomes of common interest.

This year Cimpatico launched its first channel, the Climate Adaptation Channel, hosted by Doug Parsons. This summer Cimpatico is launching more channels that address a spectrum of environmental and social issues across every industry and sector.

Sign up here (for free) to learn, network, and collaborate with a global community of media professionals, policymakers, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and students united by common interests.

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