Things to know about Demand response

The basics

Maintaining Balance on the Electricity Grid

In every country, the grid operator is responsible for ensuring that electricity supply and demand are constantly in balance. The grid operators ensure that the amount of power generated and fed onto the grid at every single moment matches the amount of power consumed.

Pollution and Inefficiency

Balancing the grid is a challenge that occurs on a daily basis. Currently, fossil fuel plants are adjusted to generate more or less power as a response to fluctuations in demand. However, this is an incredibly inefficient way of doing things. By not running the power plants at full capacity, efficiency in production is lost, generating more emissions than needed. This process can be avoided by transferring the balancing services away from the fossil fuel plants.

Demand-side Management

A cleaner, cheaper and more efficient method for balancing the grid is Demand Response. Rather than increasing the supply of electricity to meet demand, the balance can be restored by temporarily adjusting the consumption of electric appliances to meet the grid's needs. It is now possible to participate in Demand Response balancing solutions by connecting household heating, hot water and cooling appliances, and home storage batteries.

Contributing to a sustainable system from your home

How it works

We connect your appliance, for example a heat pump or electric boiler, to the electricity grid with our automated software system.

We temporarily switch off your appliance when possible, without affecting your comfort.

You will be paid for supporting a fossil-free future every time you help restore the balance on the grid.

a four step process

Getting started

Let us know you are interested in finding out more about the system, our software and how we can help you have a more sustainable home. 

Once we've answered all your questions and you're ready to start the selection process, we'll send you a questionnaire to you about the type of appliance you have, the make and manufacturer and some other details that can help assess the value your appliance can generate for you. We'll come back with a custom offer for you to review.

We'll plan a visit to your home with a certified electrician who will be installing the system in the fuse box.

Once the system is installed it will be running in the background doing its magic. During moments of stress on the electricity grid, our system will check in real-time if your appliance is available to help remedy the imbalance. Without losing any functionality or affecting your comfort, you will be supporting the transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy system. As a bonus, you will receive payment for providing the grid operators with demand response services. The best thing: it's free to participate! 

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